• Black Swan

    design, Paolo Grasselli

    The idea was sparked by the eponymous film and more precisely by a series of frames in which, accompanied by a flurry of music and dance, a white swan transforms into a black swan and the diaphanous and elegant Odette turns into an equally fine but more disturbing character matched by the metamorphosis of the arms into wings.The sofa undergoes a similar transformation. Starting from a traditional and rational design focused on finding a balance between the soft cushions and the light frame, reminiscent of the elegance and precision of a ballet dancer, the sofa transforms itself with the cushions doubling and changing size, color and shape. The classical precision turns into expressive movement and a polite exchange of signs and proportions allows for the harmonious existence of minimalism and maximalism. Thus the necessity for a formal and linear sofa need not exclude the desire to have a more intimate and warm space, akin to a nest. The cushions, while maintaining a visual and tactile softness, are self-supporting and replace the frame of the sofa in parts. This underlines the idea of having a series of cushions that, depending on their layout, quantity and arrangement, add to the aesthetics of the sofa itself. Completely removable covers.

— Credits

art direction

web development
roberta biasutto

php specialist
diego betto

contratty company

alessandra santi

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