Intellectual pleasures between form and gesture

Intellectual pleasures between form and gesture is a story told in pictures.

It is a story we decided to narrate through details. It is an abstract tale of feelings that feeds on the strength of the moment and the wonder of encounter.

It is a project undertaken by three women linked by aesthetic sensibility and visual language, whose respective spheres of professional competence (art, photography and communication) have found many points of encounter and dialogue over time.

Questioning shape, savoring differences, interacting with colors has been the manifesto of Saba since the beginning. The same is the starting point of this new project, marked by an intimate approach and a decidedly feminine look.

It is a design project which explores emotional depths and is characterized by instinctive and irrational undertones. The eye and movement are left free to express themselves and to linger and savor the details and sensations that arise from dialogue with the object, and interaction with the space that surrounds it.

Attention, care and listening are aptitudes that are naturally feminine. They are also the guidelines of a company that has always been attentive to the final consumer and refined its dialogue with its audience.

When it comes to quality, it is not always easy to embody the distinctive traits, but elegance is an aspect that transcends all and can be perceived no matter what. For Saba, it is a matter of accuracy, measure, detail, and the unmistakable style of combining shape with the poetry of color and fabric.

This is just the first of several short narrations designed to enrich the special content of  Saba’s social media channels. The next is set to feature partnerships with brands dear to us.

Stay tuned!


Art direction Alessandra Santi

Performer Reverie Eloisa Vezzosi

Photo Tess’ Storc

Total look Marios

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