Onn is a furnishing accessory whose basic design sets out to “empty” excess volumes. As well as performing a function of support surface Onn, thanks to advanced technology, also incorporates an inductive QI charging plate intelligently and discreetly for wireless recharging for smartphones, tablets, controller consolles and any other suitable appliance simply by resting it on the surface of the table. A furniture item with soft lines and tech appeal for a living area which embraces and anticipates contemporary aspirations.

Production year 2016

Design Umberto Trevisan


Umberto Trevisan was born in Venice Italy in 1975, where completed his studies. It is in Venice where he begins his first professional experience as a designer and interior designer. After 20 years of experience, many luxury homes bear his signature. Taking into account the aesthetic form, as well as the extreme research of its “functionality”. Considering the present and future lifestyles of the clients detailed analysis were followed. This aspect makes his style “tailored”, livable and accurate for each client. Each project is a result of insight and understanding of the historical moment in an almost elementary form satisfying the needs of everyday life. Keeping an eye on the present and one on the future designing what has not been invented yet in order to keep up with today’s rapid evolution.

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