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Terms and Conditions

Thank you for visiting our site

The following terms govern access to and use of this site and your use of the materials on this site. If you do not agree to all terms of use, please leave the site. Registration and acceptance of these conditions govern relations between the user and Saba Italia. The Saba Italia products shown on the website are part of the Saba Italia collection. This site does not contain all Saba Italia products available or in production. Saba Italia also advises that the products shown on this site may be changed by Saba Italia without notice.

Use of images, technical drawings and material shown on the Download area of the Saba Italia site

Saba Italia allows the user to copy, download, distribute or publish images only for specified authorised uses.

  • Authorised uses

Images and technical drawings on the Saba Italia site may be used for NON-COMMERCIAL, EDUCATIONAL AND INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES providing that the image is preserved intact as per the original and that it correctly represents the Saba Italia product and brand. Architects and authorised dealers may download and use images from the site and/or technical drawings to formulate their offers/estimates to final customers for sales through Saba Italia or through authorised dealers of Saba Italia products, or for use in training programmes and seminars. Press agencies and journalists may download and use images from the site for publication purposes with the prior authorisation of the Saba Italia press office Therefore, downloading or printing content and images from the site is permitted ONLY with Authorised Use and if the content is not deleted or modified. No other use is permitted for images or technical drawings from the Saba Italia site.

Authorised use shall not in any case be construed as and does not create, for the user, any sale, licence or permanent right to use the images, technical drawings and material shown on the Saba Italia site and the user accepts and acknowledges that they are and remain the exclusive property of Saba Italia, which reserves the right to revoke the authorised use at its sole discretion at any time.

  • Unauthorised use

This agreement does not include any sale or licence of rights to:

– use images or technical drawings for advertising, publishing, promotional, professional reasons or for other commercial applications (e.g. material relating to sales outlets), which always require the written permission of Saba Italia

– grant licences, sub-licences, sell, publish or distribute one or more images or technical drawings or parts thereof including in combination with products other than Saba Italia products

– allow the downloading of images or technical drawings by FTP or similar methods

– use the images or technical drawings for defamatory, pornographic, paedo-pornographic, fraudulent or any unlawful purposes

– use the images or technical drawings for any other purpose not provided for in the section “Authorised Uses”

Any unauthorised use of the images or technical drawings constitutes a breach of the above agreement and authorises Saba Italia to protect its rights by challenging the breach in accordance with current civil and criminal legislation.

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