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The video narrates of the inspiration behind the Oltremare collection, designed in collaboration with the Sardinian artist and designer Antonio Marras. Oltremare stems from a far-away past and place, full of history, memory and suggestions.
We named it Oltremare because all things have a soul and every soul has a name.
The collection includes a sofa, an armchair and a bench.

AD Paolo Bazzani – Photos Daniela Zedda, Alghero, Giugno 2020.

Saba Italia in collaboration with Antonio Marras, 2020

The seating collection “Oltremare” designed by Antonio Marras and produced in collaboration with Saba, stems from a far-away past and place, full of history, recollection, memories overflowing with suggestions and visions. By observing its sinuous silhouette, who boosts Sardinian origins, can even catch sight of a familiar promontory and a small island, a fragment of the coast that in ancient times separated itself from the main land.

A sofa can accompany us along the fascinating journey of our life, “it becomes one of us, a friend staying over, staying so well that he doesn’t want to leave”.

And this is how Antonio Marras presented an object so dear to him that he defines a sacred-idol, that narrates of his land, of his sea, but mostly, of his story.

We named it Oltremare, because all things have a soul and every soul has a name.


Oltremare is a space that has no boundaries.

Oltremare is a place that you can reinvent.

Oltremare encloses within its inlets the classic and the modern.

The curve is a line that can be tamed: it forms a wave, a fold, it creates a place but it also offers an escape route.

In our utopian world we investigated the relationship between the curved line and the act of seating, asymmetric shapes that become backrests and sink into extremely comfortable seats pushing past the rectangular schemes so dear to the sober lines of designing sofas. Curves that if you get home and let yourself be guided by the moonlight, they will show you the sea.


Within its 225cm, Oltremare offers a sweet stylistic landscape and, despite its contained dimensions, it allows for various seating solutions – some unexpected – all extremely comfortable, a characteristic that makes it perfect ergonomically. Its seat is soft and the backrest, rigid at first glance, is in fact very welcoming.


The asymmetric curves that enclose it are the inspirations for the Oltremare armchair that completes the collection alongside a padded bench.

A comfortable nest suspended on a slim varnished metal base, whose essential lines render, by contract, the armchair’s silhouette even more interesting.


Oltremare is a seating system that, even though winks at the past, it communicates a strong contemporary soul and is suitable by nature to various interpretations. It seduces from any angle with its fascinating character, constantly offering a new sense of splendor.


Oltremare is a place that takes you where you would want to be: at home.

Sofa: length 225cm, depth 83cm, max height 85cm
Armchair: length 105cm, depth 75cm, height 72cm
Bench: length 145cm, depth 48cm, height 39cm

Catalogue 2020

Fleeing from categorical imperatives that dictate how a space should be to welcome one of our products, we have imagined a plurality of homes. Four inhabited nuclei that narrate different stories, all valid, all personal. We illustrate them in this catalogue, which also represents a philosophical project, a manifesto of living and being lived. The sofa does not settle for its status as a mere aesthetic object, but becomes an answer to a specific need. An improved answer to anyone’s quality of life, and transversal to the public it addresses. Because – needless to say – the real protagonist in this journey is not the sofa itself but the people who experience it.

Amelia Pegorin

ADV 2020 – Pixel sofa

Pixel, the most loved Saba sofa celebrates its tenth birthday.
On the occasion of its anniversary we want to celebrate its timeless spirit and eclectic soul with a new photoshoot that makes it the protagonist of the new 2020 AD Campaign.
Photo – Beppe Brancato
AD – Studio MILO
Graphic Design – Design Work


Saba’s customised design always puts the client’s needs in the forefront, strengthening the “humanistic” approach to business management that has always distinguished us.

In this particular historic moment that has redefined everyone’s daily lives, we wanted to reduce the distance by being proactive and actively engage our public by launching the digital campaign #MySabaHome on our social platforms. With this initiative we invite our customers to share with us their favorite corners of their homes and their own interpretations of the Saba products.

Our homes have become, in a very short time, the main backdrop to our days and maybe we have learnt to look at them with new eyes, rediscovering their beauty and potential.

The dialogue with you all has deeply inspired us and our public, allowing for a better understanding of the sense of community that distinguishes Saba.

Keep inspiring us by sending us your #MySabaHome photos by email to

Thank you from the Saba Team

“A chair is a chair is a chair”
Saba + Antonio Marras x Salvioni

“A chair is a chair is a chair” is a site-specific installation designed by Antonio Marras in collaboration with Saba for Salvioni Milano Durini and inaugurated Thursday February 13th. An invitation to conceive a space where people can interact with objects in a unique way.

The “faces” of Antonio Marras accompany the visitors through an imaginary journey of discovery, symbol of harmony between company, artist and space, but also of a certain lightness and color poetry, distinctive traits of Saba and the artist.

Through this project the idea of the lack of boundaries is explored, a characteristic of the contemporary world where the unfinished allows for freedom of transformation and it can all be synthesized in the word dream. The dream as an element of synthesis of the infinite possibilities of contemporary living.

During the opening night the store simultaneously transforms into an intimate site and public space, a cinema and a theatre. Marras and Saba in collaboration with Marco Angelilli, stage a theatric scene loosely based on the film “Gruppo di famiglia di un Interno” by Luchino Visconti. Upon their arrival to discover “A chair is a chair is a chair”, the public transforms into an audience between a living room and a bedroom, where Ferdinando Bruni-Burt Lancaster reads poems that envelop the unexpected “mènage à trois” with romanticism.

The installation will be open to the public until early March.


Photography: Andrea Bartoluccio

Actors: Ferdinando Bruni, Mauro Cardinali, Marta Malvestiti, Giuseppe Sartori

Thanks to:


GT Design

Catellani & Smith

Marie Claire Maison Italy, January 2020

« In the mood for love »
Thank you to Beatrice Rossetti Studio for featuring of our Philo armchair designed by Marco Zito in Marie Claire Maison Italia’s touching tribute to Wong Kar-Wai’s epic cinematographic piece that celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Photography Lorenzo Pennati

Maison & Objet — Parigi
17 › 21 gennaio 2020 — Padiglione 6 — Stand K101

Stand project: Studio MILO
photography Andrea Bartoluccio
Thanks to:
Mason Editions
coincasa (Federica Biasi Designer)


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