Saba’s customised design always puts the client’s needs in the forefront, strengthening the “humanistic” approach to business management that has always distinguished us.

In this particular historic moment that has redefined everyone’s daily lives, we wanted to reduce the distance by being proactive and actively engage our public by launching the digital campaign #MySabaHome on our social platforms. With this initiative we invite our customers to share with us their favorite corners of their homes and their own interpretations of the Saba products.

Our homes have become, in a very short time, the main backdrop to our days and maybe we have learnt to look at them with new eyes, rediscovering their beauty and potential.

The dialogue with you all has deeply inspired us and our public, allowing for a better understanding of the sense of community that distinguishes Saba.

Keep inspiring us by sending us your #MySabaHome photos by email to

Thank you from the Saba Team

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