oltreNFT: Saba in the metaverse

Saba investigates new design methods related to the world of NFT in collaboration with the French digital artist Hugo Fournier, experimenting with its possibilities in the field of interior design, without neglecting its innate poetic essence.


The relationship and the continuous dialogue that the company has established with the art world, as well as an attention for what is current, are the basis of the project. It sees Saba investigate the non-fungible token sector, creating a bridge between the language of the digital world and the artisan know-how, looking at the world of art and design through the lens of innovation.


With an innovative approach, which sheds an unprecedented light on the world of digital art, the oltreNFT project presents a capsule collection composed of 3 elements, physical, artistic and virtual, which will be available for auction on from May 20th to May 22nd. The smart contract proposed by Saba connects for the first time in the design sector, an artistic representation in NFT forma physical sofa and its counterpart in the metaverse.


The Oltremare Recycled fabric that the Sardinian designer developed specifically for the Oltremare seating collection in collaboration with the Saba team, is the starting point of the entire project.

The fabric will dress a capsule collection of 10 sofas allowing for each product to share a particular connection with the history of the material itself.


The 10 Oltremare sofas will be linked to 10 artistic NFTs, created by the digital artist Hugo Fournier who has been able to grasp the evocative power of the project and translate it into animations that take their cue from the Sardinian landscape to then escape into a dreamlike world.


The 10 creations represent a collection of NFT depicting specific moments of the day and the different winds that blow on Sardinia. The island is in fact the first source of inspiration for the product itself: the sinuous curves of Oltremare pay tribute to Capocaccia, the land that stands in front of the city of Alghero, birthplace of Marras.

The production of NFT, on the other hand, wants to seal the digital artifact in an exclusive way, making the moment and the representation unique.


The ten animations will be at auction for two dayson the marketplace, one of the main platforms for artists, curators and collectors in the context of the new digital creative economy. They are the encounter between the dreamlike and the real world, craftsmanship and technology, tangibility and abstraction.



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