New York BED

We have looked at our most beautiful projects from another perspective: that of sleep. We have respected the visual language and maintained the intelligent functions that distinguishes them: New York Bed, with its classic style that knows fashion without being fashionable. Well being, quality, functionality and beauty are the harmonious chords that have guided our hands. Become a spectator in a new artistic experience where the confines between people, fashion and the home no longer exist.

Production year 2018

Design Sergio Bicego


Born in 1953 he left formal education and began, almost by chance, his experience in the field of the padded furniture. Fascinated by the world that surrounded him, he eagerly devoted himself to researching building forms and techniques which have borne fruit for the companies in which he worked. In 1991 he opened his studio as an independent designer and in 1993 he came across Saba Italia. New challenges and new incentives lead to the creation of the “nomad sofa”: Taos, Ananta, Limes, Nesting, Pixel. Creations that were born from reflection of new desires that encourage us to live in a less formal way, equipped with systems that enable change with simple gestures, by playing with shapes.

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