Ziggy XL

A new piece has been added to the Ziggy collection: the Ziggy XL low table with its charming barrel shape. It is suitable for outdoor use. Ziggy XL is a highly versatile low table with an appealing and relaxed palette (it comes in 4 hues: red, blue, grey and sage). It boasts an elegant finish with its light Thala beige top and the lower woven shelf in navy cord marl. This is an accessory with pizazz. With its unusual shapes and colours, it will brighten its surrounds and lend singular sophistication to any indoor or outdoor setting. Here, as well as for the basic version, the two-tone intertwined cord is an exclusive Saba design.

Production year 2016

Design Emilio Nanni


Architect, designer, artist.

Emilio Nanni has a degree in Architecture from the University of Florence. He has worked as a lecturer and researcher at the same faculty, and held lessons and workshops at several Italian university faculties and design schools. He is the founder of the Emilio Nanni arch+design | ENa+d |studio, which handles projects in the fields of architecture, design, interior design, art direction and design consultancy. As an architect he has designed and built residential buildings of various sizes in several Italian cities. He has worked as a designer for many Italian firms, including Billiani/Novecentoundici, Bross, Cabas, Calligaris, LaboratorioPesaro, Lamm, Mdf Italia, Guzzini, Roche Bobois, Saba, Tonelli, Tonon, Valadier Gioielli, Zanotta and Zeritalia. He has participated in many exhibitions and shows in the sector and his work has been featured in articles and critical essays in the leading Italian and international architectural periodicals, magazines, blogs and websites. He is also a painter, who has displayed his work in several solo exhibitions in galleries and museums in Italy and abroad, and his work is featured in various public and private international collections.

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