Rooms of Soul is a photography project that embodies powerful poetry and storytelling. It is an intimate and evocative tale that celebrates the partnership between Saba and the Sardinian designer Antonio Marras.

Antonio Marras’s work and his personal visual vocabulary, aim at accompanying the spectator in a new artistic experience, where the confines between people, fashion and the home no longer exist.


AD Alessandra Santi + Antonio Marras
Photography  Daniela Zedda

Flower designer Tonino Serra 


Perhaps beauty’s ultimate goal is to excite. Creating, sharing and communicating beauty is something that each and everyone of us should do with our individual voices and personal forms of expression.

Maybe, on your journey when you meet Antonio Marras, even the language and design that personify you are elevated to the art world; drawing up emotions that you didn’t think you had the ability to communicate. But instead they were there all along, ready to reveal themselves from behind the closed doors of a palace of a certain unadorned beauty that you fell in love with at first sight and had never forgotten.
There it was waiting for you to become the frame
and co-protagonist of a project where everything was seemingly created by the same hands. Wallpapers, clothes, furniture, archive objects and timeless faces… A poetic emotion, created by multiples hands, nurtured by a common passion; the search of a beauty that is never an end in itself, but rather capable of leaving
a mark on the hearts of the beholder.

Alessandra Santi 

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