Saba “Magic Box” at Archiproducts Milano

Colour-block, pure volumes and dream atmospheres give shape to the space designed by Studio Milo for Saba.

Colour-block, soft and powder nuances, pure and architectonic volumes: the new Saba setting at Archiproducts Milano borrows Wes Anderson’s dream and nostalgic atmospheres. An all-female project designed by Arianna Crosetta and Federica Gosio from studio MILO in collaboration with Alessandra Santi.

A creative and emotional short circuit gave life to a totally unprecedented space, where the Saba collections live together among pink walls and ceilings, carpets with neutral nuances and multicoloured geometric wallpapers.

Alessandra Santi, Communication Manager at Saba Italia, and studio MILO explained to Archiproducts how their “magic box” took shape at Archiproducts Milano.

This is the third year of cooperation: what does Archiproducts Milano represent for the brand Saba?
Alessandra Santi: The relationship between Saba and Archiproducts is now well established by time, but like any other relationship it needs to evolve and to be mutually amazed in order to grow up. It is above all a human relationship and, as such, it is made of interactions, dialogues and exchanges.
For Saba it represents a beautiful showcase in a key place of the city, extremely active and stimulating from several points of view. But it is also a magic box, a place where relationships take shape and become stronger, a white page we love to re-write as soon as we can.

The cooperation with Studio MILO once again rules the undisputable “all-female” approach by Saba. Is it just a coincidence or is it an important aspect within this new cooperation?
A.S.: After ‘Hot Date’, the mounting I personally followed at the latest Salone in cooperation with Cc-tapis, I felt the need of a so-called “remise en forme” of the space. Saba has a precise ‘identity’, but a constantly evolving versatile soul, and the choice by Studio MILO is above all driven by the admiration we feel for the studio and the sharing of very similar aesthetic codes. In this case ‘the all-female approach’ was not an essential requirement; the choice was driven by the sensitivity and by other more rational factors. Personally I am happy to cooperate with such creative and stimulating women. It is a beautiful team work!

When did you meet Studio MILO and which is the design aspect you like most in your job?
A.S.: I think that both in life and at work it is a question of ‘elective affinities’, or it should always be like that. I met Studio MILO through the projects they made for some close friends of mine, Cc-tapis and the designer Hagit Pincovici; she introduced to me Arianna during an event last autumn. There is a subtle “file rouge” uniting these two realities with Saba. It is not by chance that during the next edition of the ICFF in New York we will share a stand project with Cc-tapis and Hagit, with the supervision of Studio MILO. 

I have been on the same wavelength as Arianna and Federica since we first met, we share the same aesthetic language, therefore we easily understand and inspire each other. I really appreciate their being professional, precise and creative, as well as their being ‘easy’, I mean working with them is a real pleasure.

The colours, volumes and decorations giving shape to the works by Studio MILO are in perfect harmony with the idea of elegance of the interior design that is in Saba’s DNA. The four-hand project designed for Archiproducts Milano – the first of a series of new works already planned for the next months – confirms it. Also Arianna and Federica tell us their experience from their point of view.

How did you meet Saba?
studio MILO: We have always loved this brand, but we had never had the opportunity to cooperate together despite we met many times during the events organised by cc-tapis, we both cooperate with. Our first cooperation took place thanks to Hagit Pincovici, the designer who introduced each other and gave us the possibility to give life to wonderful synergies.

Archiproducts Milano: an interior space in Milan dating back to the beginning of the 20th century with post-industrial traits, typical of the area near Tortona. How much did the shell influence the design of the mounting?
studio MILO: Archiproduct Milano in itself is already a work of art able to attract the visitor towards a unique beauty and knowledge experience. It gave us the possibility to freely express ourselves in a creative environment promoting collections, with its old-Milan-styled floors and the high windows lighting the rooms up, creating a relaxed atmosphere both for visitors and for those who, like us, work there.

From the chromatic palette to the choice of materials, where did the project for Saba take its inspiration?
studio MILO: Wes Anderson. He, or better, the mood of his interiors inspired our mounting. He has an eclectic style, able to combine pieces from different ages and styles. He uses pastel nuances, interrupted by rays of orange and black; he plays with textures, coloured fabrics and showy prints. These are the elements that allowed us to add a touch of personality to the room made for Saba Italia.

Must-have: the Saba piece you must have at home!
studio MILO: Each Saba product deserves a place in our houses for the smart process they are produced with. For sure what we love in particular is the sofa Avant-Apres. A sofa that can be freely “assembled and disassembled”, a very eclectic product. A small architecture playing with full and empty materials and spaces, giving life to always new configurations.


Special thanks to Texturae Wallpapers and L’opificio

Artworks by Emilio Nanni

Photos © Cristina Galliena Bohman

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